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Coaches looking to rent a field for private lessons?

Please call the facility to book at our coaches rate.



Call to rent a field 918.528.5172

Grass Field Sizes

3- 9v9 Youth Only

4- 9v9 Youth Only

5- 9v9 Youth Only

6- 11v11

7- 11v11

8- 11v11

9- 11v11


11- 11v11

12- 11v11

13- 11v11

14- 11v11

Turf Field Sizes

1N- 1/2 of 11v11*

1S- 1/2 of 11v11*

2N- 1/2 of 11v11*

2S- 1/2 of 11v11*

*Must rent both halves for full field*

15- 9v9

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